Thursday, 24 July 2008

2D Sense for iPhone FW 2.0 (UPDATE)

Well, while Apple is still reviewing 2D Sense application, I can deliver latest version of it to you for installation via iTunes using Ad Hoc method. It is simple and 100% legal process.

Just install Ad Hoc Helper application from Utilities section and run it. It will create e-mail with UDID (unique number of your iPhone). Please add short description on how you will use it send to

This method is for next days only.

More about new version here:
and here:

Well, Apple approved application few hours ago! iTunesConnect Contract is in pending condition still but at least all technical steps are in past... (2008-07-25 00:25)

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John Young said...

I'm looking forward to playing with this very much! Will contact you for a download.